Francesca Anfossi’s interdisciplinary practice takes the tradition of crafts as a starting point to make and collaborate, using ceramic as a core material. Inspired by the very nature of clay — a versatile, inclusive and non-hierarchal material — her various projects are conceived in direct collaboration with communities and evolve according to their needs. Her work most often takes the form of workshops, cooking classes or communal events, and offers to the participants involved opportunities to learn new skills and form new social bonds.

By putting other people’s creations and interests forward, Francesca Anfossi aims to remove the barriers between art and craft, professional and amateur, work and leisure. Rather than appropriating the objects produced by other people, she wishes to celebrate their achievement and share it with their families, friends and the broader community. Her various projects intend to create a space for experimentation and exchange, based on some of our most basic activities: cooking, playing and sharing.

Francesca Anfossi is also the director of Rochester Square, a dynamic space in London dedicated to socially-engaging projects and artistic collaborations, where she recently completed the installation of temporary ceramic facilities for recreational use by artists and others.